5 things you should know on August 17: Biden's warning to the Taliban

Why does Haiti suffer from so many earthquakes? Johnny Depp says there’s a boycott of him in Hollywood. Here’s what you need to know to start the day. truth first.


Biden on Afghanistan: “I stick firmly to my decision”

US President Joe Biden addressed the situation in Afghanistan from the White House, while facing growing questions about his administration’s apparent lack of preparation for the rapid collapse of that country’s government. “I strongly support my decision” to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan, Biden said, adding that there was no appropriate time to make that decision. On the speed of the Taliban’s progress, Biden said it had developed “faster than expected.” He also issued a warning to the Taliban.


Why does Haiti suffer from so many earthquakes (not the Dominican Republic)?

The earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14, which as of Monday left more than 1,400 people dead, is not reminiscent of the devastating 2010 earthquake (which killed nearly 200,000 people and the country has yet to recover from its effects), but those forces many wonder why This country suffers from the scourge of land movements of such intensity. Here is the explanation.

Red Cross: This is a large-scale humanitarian crisis 1:21


Biden’s competition crisis

For analyst Chris Celisa, at the heart of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign was one word: competition. Yet seven months into office, Biden is facing nothing less than the crisis of that competition, which is pummeling on several fronts with developments that all his experience and knowledge seem not to prevent. The obvious example is, says Celisa, the rapid takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in the wake of Biden’s decision to withdraw US forces from the country.

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Biden: The mission was not to create another country in Afghanistan 1:11


The Director-General of the US Health is concerned about complacency about Covid-19 disease

As prospects for the COVID-19 pandemic worsen with hospital admissions and cases among the unvaccinated increase, the US Surgeon General said many of those who followed precautions may soon become satisfied due to fatigue.

The effect of fatigue may make it difficult to fight off COVID-19 1:11


Federal judge orders Biden administration to reactivate border policy under Trump

A federal judge in Texas has ordered the Biden administration to revive a Trump-era border policy that requires immigrants to remain in Mexico until a hearing in US immigration court.

Mallorcas: There is an “unprecedented” number of immigrants 3:21

at coffee time

Title, cover, and details of the new book on Trump by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa

At first it was ‘fear’, then ‘anger’, now it’s ‘danger’. This is the title of the much-anticipated third book on President Trump by legendary journalist Bob Woodward, this time co-written with co-author Robert Costa, a national political correspondent for the Washington Post.

Letter shows Trump wanted to reverse defeat at the ballot box 1:15

Study says better hearing may protect loved ones’ brains

A new study finds that having good listeners in your life can help your brain become more resilient to any future changes related to age or disease.

Johnny Depp says there’s a boycott of him in Hollywood

According to Johnny Depp, the past five years have been “surreal” for him.

Johnny Depp feels Hollywood is boycotting him 1:13
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Ripples in Saturn’s rings reveal the planet’s “blurry” core

A ripple detected within the rings around Saturn has helped scientists determine that the giant planet may be “mysterious” at its core.

Find out why Saturn appears larger in August 0:35

What is sexual harassment, how to prevent it and how to report it?

Many people experience sexual harassment in different areas of their lives. Here is a guide to prevention, detection and reporting.

Carmen Jara: Inexperienced artists are more vulnerable to harassment 2:14

Today’s number

2.700 million US dollars

Hyatt is betting on luxury travel with a deal to buy a luxury resort operator worth $2.7 billion.

This will be the reopening plan 0:39

Quote from today

“Now we must act again to stop the spread of the disease. Our heroes in health led the fight against the virus, and now we need them to lead the fight between the alternative and the vaccine.”

Cuomo announced that health care workers in New York should be vaccinated against COVID-19.

New York companies will require vaccination certificates 4:05

Today’s choice

Good opportunity for Apple fans

MacBook, AirPods Max, iPad Air, and more Apple devices are on sale for months without interest.

And finish…

This robot “dog” is watching construction projects

Meet the Spot bot that monitors construction 0:51

A robotic dog named Spot roams construction projects at Virginia Tech to help collect critical data on the job site. Here we tell you how this bot helps document builds.


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