bad play On Tuesday, she announced the release of her new album “Music of the Balls”It is the ninth studio recording of the British band on October 15.

Through a message on his social networks, gruBo led by Chris Martin Confirmed the release of his much-anticipated album, produced by Swede Max Martin, known for his collaborations with many of the biggest names in pop music such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Weeknd and Britney Spears.

Coldplay accompanied its announcement with a music trailer for space decorations, called “Overtura”, Where the band’s music accompanies an astronomical walk between the planets.

In addition, he explained that the new song from the album “Coloratura” will appear on the Friday after the first, “supreme authority”Already released in May.

Another single, from the twelve that make up the LP, will be released as a third single in September.

“Thanks for listening, for coming to concerts, or any other way we met through music,” Coldplay tells fans.

Likewise, the album’s playlist was released, although five of the twelve that make up the album are represented by “emojis” rather than by words.

Two months ago, they were responsible for opening a party BRIT Awards, with an unforgettable performance from a podium on the River Thames opposite the O2 Arena in London. With colorful fireworks and holograms they presented their song “Higher Power”.


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