The video game outlet announces that it will no longer cover Activision games


By: Samuel Moreno | 07-24-21

TheGamer is a well-known video game website that was founded in 2017 and currently has 70 million readers a year. They are making the news in social networks, as they have announced that they will no longer be covering Activision Blizzard games.

The reasons are the result of complaints against the company that created franchises such as Call of Duty, Warcraft and Overwatch that appeared in recent days.

The state of California has filed a complaint against Activision Blizzard after a two-year investigation that collected the testimonies of several female workers, which indicate a culture of sexual harassment within the company.

via TwitterThey are taking this action until there is a real change in the way Activision Blizzard treats its employees, said Kirk McCende, editor-in-chief of the outlet.

McKeand states that they will continue to monitor news related to the investigations against the company, and will not include news about their video games.

TheGamer editor also pronounces

The Gamer

beside him. Stephanie Minor, editor of TheGamer, too, considering this a great victory and a sense of pride to work in the medium.

Inside the secondary mail. One user berated him if they did the same to Ubisoft, which also has complaints about labor abuse and sexual harassment. For the editor, it’s different, because the signature

The decision of this international medium is something unprecedented in the video game press. Nothing similar is ever said to have happened.


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