Tokyo 2020: DiDi Food will celebrate every medal won by Mexican athletes

DiDi Food will support free shipping

Didi The food delivery service announced through a statement celebrating the Mexican athletes participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Every time a Mexican athlete wins a medal, the podium will celebrate it in a big way.

Didi’s Food Free delivery will be celebrated at all restaurants serving Japanese and Mexican cuisine through the app for one day. He also confirmed that during the day of the medal celebration, major brands will throw the house out the window, and among them Burger King and Pizza Hut, they want to give away 150 pesos vouchers.

Serving the Chinese company will honor the efforts, discipline and perseverance of 97 men and 65 women who will strive to raise the bar for Mexico. When the national flag of Japan is raised, users will be able to activate OrgulloMX Code It will give you many benefits, such as the following:

  1. All Japanese and Mexican food restaurants across the country that sell through the app will get free delivery.
  2. On the day a Mexican athlete receives a medal, the platform will approve coupons for Mexicans on favorite brands:
  • Burger King will charge $150 off an order of $200
  • Pizza Hut will charge $150 off an order of $250.
  • Starbucks will have 2 x 1 on select drinks.

It should be noted that the OrgulloMX promotional code will only be activated on the day the medal is handed over to a Mexican athlete, and will be effective from 10:00 AM Mexico City time. Both users and DiDi Food will fully support athletes who count in Tokyo 2020.

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