Facilitate registration and notification procedures for AMO users

The National Fund for Social Welfare (CNOPS) has announced that it has taken steps to facilitate registration procedures for insured persons and to facilitate the notification of their personal data and their beneficiaries.

These measures are part of its policy to improve access to compulsory health insurance (AMO) services – in accordance with Rules 55-19 of the Law on Public Sector and Simplification of Procedures and Administrative Procedures.

Newly registered policyholders from January 31, 2022 will receive a new registration card with their photo, AMO registration number and mutual insurance number and CINE number. This card will no longer be updated with the services of financial and mutual associations when the insurer’s personal data is updated or notified to his beneficiaries.

In this regard, CNOPS has created an electronic platform on its site that allows employers to announce their new hires and request their registration with AMO and complement coverage.

Second, policyholders who have already registered will no longer be required to renew their registration cards after January 31, 2022, after the announcement of personal data or beneficiaries.

For this purpose, policyholders are invited to verify the status of their coverage at www.cnops.org.ma, before submitting a sick file or request for coverage to be aware that third-party payers have access to an online healthcare service. Verifying the status of users’ rights before submitting requests for support.

The third step is the upcoming launch of a dedicated online service for policyholders, which will allow them to remotely send requests to update their management data and their spouse and children’s notices.

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