Jackets and weapons, what Putin gave him

Kim Jong Un’s trip to Russia has ended. The North Korean leader receives from the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin Bulletproof vests and drones as a gift for his official visit to the Russian Federation.

Kim returns to North Korea

Kim Jong Un concluded, on Sunday, September 17, Six-day visit to the Russian Federation Which witnessed him holding talks with his Russian counterpart Russian President Vladimir Putin And with the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

He added, “The departure ceremony for the leader of Pyongyang took place at the station Artyom Primorsky-1Where is the armored train Kim Jong Un,” RIA Novosti wrote.

the train Kim Jong Eun headed towards Khasan border crossingTASS announced, about 250 kilometers away.

As CNN noted, the trip to Russia raised the hypothesis that… North Korea can supply weapons to Moscow Useful for supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Kim travels abroad quite a bit and is very well received, spending most of the trip there Visit military sites and infrastructure.

One of the moments of Kim’s official visit to Russia

Delivering drones and bulletproof vests to the North Korean leader

Upon his departure, he became governor of the Far Eastern region of Russia Primorye, handed over to Kim Jong-un A bulletproof vest and a group of drones, according to what was reported by the Russian TASS agency.

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“that it Bulletproof vest with chest protection areasThe official news agency added that “the jackets’ shoulder, throat and thigh flaps are much lighter than other similar jackets.”

Kim also received Five kamikaze drones TASS added that a Geranium-25 reconnaissance drone was produced in the same region.

Objectives of the visit

During his visit to the Russian Federation, Key was able to inspect Strategic bombers and hypersonic missiles And Russian warships with nuclear capabilities.

Kim and Putin met on Wednesday, September 13, in the Russian Far East and held a five-hour meeting in Vostochny CosmodromeIn which the Russian leader reported that Kim Show “great interest” For technology possessed by Moscow.

After the talk, Kim offered his support for Putin, saying he “will do it.”Always on Russia’s side“.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong Un and Russian Minister Shoigu discussed the matter Military cooperation “Between the armed forces of the two countries and in Defense and national security sectors“.

Image source: ANSA


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