Afghanistan, thousands of people flee.  Europe divided over refugees -
From Claudio Del Frit

Austria confirms its hard line: it will send asylum seekers back to Kabul despite the Taliban’s advance. Instead, Albania is opening its doors to the arrival of the fugitives

With the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan (Today, the Taliban entered the capital, Kabul) , problem refugees Coming from the tortured country: those already in Europe – and waiting for recognition Asylum Everyone expects to escape towards the west Begin in the next few weeks. there is chanceThousands of people gather at Kabul airport Find a way to escape. The same thing is happening on the borders with Iran and Tajikistan. As far as Europe is concerned, diplomacy is currently divided.

Austria For example, he keeps on his own strict in repatriating immigrants and Afghan asylum seekers despite the Taliban advance. It was confirmed in Interior Minister Austrian Karl Neihammer. The minister said that those in need of protection should get it as close as possible to their country of origin. The general ban on deportation is a The pull factor for illegal immigration It only fuels the activity of smugglers and organized crime. Austria was one of six European Union countries that insisted last week on its right to forcibly expel rejected Afghan asylum seekers. Three of these Member States – Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands – Then they changed their position in this regard, prevent return. The Austrian newspaper Osterreich published an opinion poll stating that 90% of respondents support the government’s position on the expulsion.

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On the other hand, the governmentAlbania, a country for many years at the center of migratory movements that has only been providing assistance for 30 years A group trip of its inhabitants to the Italian coasts. Announced by the Prime Minister of Tirana Eddie Rama Which has expressed its willingness to receive a few hundred refugees from Afghanistan because of They sided with NATO They helped our soldiers in the peacekeeping mission and now they are taking the risk. They were slaughtered like animals by the Taliban. Rama states that he responded positively to a request made by the United States because of We are allies of the United States for a long timeNot just when we need it for our troubles. Other European governments, including the Italian government, have secured not only their own expatriate citizens but also the Afghan nationals with whom they have cooperated in these twenty years.

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