On the way to Watford, Manchester United suffered their fifth defeat in the Premier League this season (4-1). In a tough defensive game, the Red Devils chased down the score for most of the game. In the absence of Rafael Varane, Harry Maguire was sent off (69th), explaining his team’s shortcomings.

Manchester United suffered another defeat in the Premier League on Saturday, having lost 2–0 in a derby against City before the international break. The Red Devils lost on the road to Watford (4-1) for poster number 12. Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s men have got off to a very complicated start to the season, already with their fifth defeat in the league.

Very bad start for the Red Devils

With Paul Bogba and Rafael missing, Manchester United were soon terrified. On one touch, Bruno Fernandez completely missed his shot, unleashing his clearance. Joshua King found himself in a good position in the penalty area, but was hooked by Scott McDomini. If the penalty is undeniable, Ismail Sir misses head-to-head against David de Gea. But Kiko Bemania followed better (7th) and thought to open the score.

The video referee intervened to say that the penalty should be revoked because Feminia was already in the box when Charr tested his luck. David de Gea saved his family well this time, pushing the former Rennes’ effort back a second time. But like Joshua King (28th) and Aaron van-Pissaka’s poor selection, Manchester United still had a fever, confirming their team’s dominance in the first period.

In one center of Feminia, the right side of the Red Devils was also badly revived, which allowed Emmanuel Dennis to serve the finished King. If the Mancunians had got the ball in the first 45 minutes they only had rare chances to amplify the Hornets ’efforts. Unhappy at the penalty spot, Ismail scored the break goal (44th), finishing a superb joint action.

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Reduced to 10, United sank after Maguire’s dismissal

Returning from the locker room Ole Gunner made two changes with the inputs of Soulscare, Anthony Marshall and Tony van de Peek. Replacing Marcus Rashford and Scott McDomini respectively. A choice for the Norwegian coach quickly paid off, with the Dutch midfielder (50th) signing off on a discount from the captain of Cristiano Ronaldo. It was at the beginning of the Martial operation that Jadon replaced Sancho and then crossed over to the Portuguese.

Manchester United were then held to a goalless draw in the second half. Alone an hour ago against Ben Foster alone (57th), Cristiano Ronaldo failed to be decisive. Dynamic was halted by a major defensive error by Harry Maguire, who was sent off after missing the ball to Tom Cleverley (69th) against the former Mankunian. “CR7” got another chance (75th) but Sancho missed his head frame at the crossroads. In the process, his goal (77th) was denied to the formal offside position.

But on Vicarage Road, the Hornets enjoyed extra time. Brazil’s Jono Pedro scored the third goal (90 + 2nd) on a nearby post. Despite David de Gea’s reflex save in the previous game, United lost the ball, with young (20) Jono Pedro scoring his first Premier League goal. Then on the same side (90 + 5th) Emmanuel Dennis used Manchester United’s defensive indifference to complete this joint victory.

For Claudio Ranieri’s team aiming to retain it, it should be a good accounting move with their second win of the season. Watford now have 13 points, compared to Manchester United’s 17 points. Cristiano Ronaldo and his allies need to turn the page on their journey to the Champions League on Tuesday (6:45 pm) at Villarreal Stadium. Next Sunday, United will face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, the current Premier League leaders.

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