Writer and columnist Yann Moix is ​​a regular on the Debate Show Balance Ton Post, broadcast on C8. But this Thursday, October 21, the tone rose especially with Bruno Bombart, the former police officer involved in the raid.

Viewers fond of “clashes” were presented on television on Thursday, October 21st, on C8, which aired a number of new TV programmes. Tone Post Balance. While they were discussing the extraordinary €100 aid the government will pay next December, Jan Moix had some very harsh words with fellow programmer Bruno Bombart, another columnist for the programme, who is also a former police officer in the raid.

The writer first gave his opinion on this help before cutting it: “To get 100 euros, symbolically, it is very insulting as a gesture. It also means that you…” “But you are instead of the people who receive the ex-police asks.

Eric Naulu tries to restore calm

Since then, Yann Moix has let out his hinges: “Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth, it’s enough! Can we finish a sentence on this damn show? Shut your big mouth Bruno! Shut up! Scream! No, but then stop. Period.” Shocking remarks broadcast This broadcast is live in prime time, which is what prompted presenter Eric Naulio to regain calm.

Especially since the former historian ofWe are not in bed He explained his annoyance:

Politeness in this show is never rewarded.

The previous raid replied, “This is not the 10th arrondissement of Paris here.” “You’re silent, you exaggerate me too. No, but stop I won’t have much time, because unlike some I have a soul of synthesis”And The author added. “You get angry for nothing,” replied Bruno Bombart. “No, an interference can last for 15 seconds because of two idiots, and it lasts 20 minutes,” then concludes Yan Mueks.

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