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We haven’t even made it to July yet, but surprise, the next day Ski I finally talk about it again. Tom Henderson told us that a gameelectronic arts We’ll be due to have a big presentation next month, but before that, the game offers us some signs of life with a clear trailer to say the least, as well as start recording for the next playback tests.

Check out the next episode in preview

What you can see in it So the video is pre-alpha as such electronic arts He likes to point it out, and so it obviously doesn’t reflect the way the end game looks, except for the final seconds of the trailer which are closer to what we can expect from the game. So, this video is mainly intended to tell us that yes, the project is still under development and is progressing well.

You’ll also be able to try it out for yourself pretty soon, since It is now possible to become an insider Ski, which means that you will have access to the first versions of the game to test it and give your opinion. You can now register for a chance to be selected by going to the official website.

Join the Insider Skate Program

The game will be tested on PC via Origin, and it is not yet known when the first test session will take place.

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