Les problèmes de loterie de logement persistent dans Final Fantasy XIV.  Le directeur fait une déclaration

One of the most anticipated changes to Final Fantasy XIV with patch 6.1 is undoubtedly the housing lottery system. In theory, this system gives everyone the opportunity to participate in a random drawing for the possibility of buying a home. Unfortunately, this system has had persistent problems.

On April 16, Square Enix released an update on Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone, in which they shared the most common error messages they’ve seen with the housing lottery, including the following:

  • There were no participants in this lottery.
  • The winning number is. . . 0. May you have better luck next time.

The team continued to investigate the issues over the weekend, providing more substantive feedback as more information became available.

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After deliberation between the development team and Naoki Yoshida, the Final Fantasy XIV producer and director apologized and further explained the problems with their system. Yoshida issued the following statement:

First, we understand that this is a major issue and we prioritize our investigation into this matter. We try to identify the problem in the corresponding program; However, since the process is quite complex and there are many forms of lottery conditions involved, it will take some time to determine the problem. . . As we investigate and resolve the issue, we will be extending the earnings announcement period which was previously scheduled to expire on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 7:59 AM (PDT). We will not enter the next sweepstakes until the investigation is complete. Completed and situation resolved.

On April 17, Yoshida returned to detail the errors of the housing system. The Square Enix team identified critical issues and shared them in their Lodestone blog post, explaining how the housing system will function once the issues are resolved. The following cases are the most important issues as described by Naoki Yoshida.

  • The case in which the lottery was conducted correctly internally and the winner was present, but the results show the winning number as 0.
  • A case in which only one lottery has been entered, but the results show no participant or winner.
  • The situation where the winner is not despite the entries made by several free friends or company members.
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While investigating the issues, Yoshida confirmed that the team is still trying to resolve the existing issues and plans to fix them again as soon as possible.

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