Aviron Bayonnais may be a lucky star
In the same case

Rugby (Pro D2): Aviron Beyonce loses match and hand

This Thursday, Bayonnais completely lost, especially in the second half, to Carcassonne’s generous team (33-28). Oyonnax should steal second place in the Pro D2 from them this Friday evening

Bayon manager is a visionary who does not consider all scenarios. Evidence, two months ago, the day before the Oyonax reception at Jean-Dakar. “When we went up three years ago, we were in third place. Piarritz was in third place (in 2021). There may be a magic star above this third place,” he laughed.

He would easily settle for 2nd place, and it would be much worse if the latest figures did not give him superpowers. If his team does this work against Rouen next Thursday, they will play in the semifinals on home soil at the end of May. Probably against Oyonax. But beware. During the last lift of the regular phase, within a week, a reversal of trends is always possible. Both teams are in balance (95 points), favoring the Biones in a direct confrontation. The Haut-Bugey players will go to Aurillac’s team who no longer play anything.

Never quiet

“The goal is for Cutthroat to be in the top two places to give him maximum comfort in overcoming competition,” Bru said in March. His team never showed the composure that status should give him, admitting an eighth defeat at Audi on Thursday.Vannes, who was second in the last Opus on Thursday, was listed seventh after 30 days, with nine defeats, followed by Pirates (3rd).

Attention, reversal of trends is always possible within a week

In this Pro D2, where everything will be decided to roll the dice in May or head towards the target in early June, it is still too soon to say that rowing has missed its season. Whether executed or not, the first part of the agreement will not be fair to the peace. The second and true ambition displayed – the boom – wipes out all emotions.

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