Minecraft has achieved 1 trillion views on YouTube

Maine Craft Today it is the most played video game in the world. The Mojang title started with a minor alpha release in 2009, and it has attracted a very curious audience since its inception, and its history is closely linked to the history of gaming on YouTube. Obviously, with endless possibilities to create, build, design, and other customizations, the cube game has met many inspiring content creators like them. viewers Passionate.

Today, the video platform celebrates 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) cumulative views of videos with Maine Craft as a main topic.

You can thus watch the evolution retroactively Maine Craft On YouTube, a show that has always grown and diversified at the same time. Energy Maine Craft It is to provide completely different content from the same game called “Sandbox”. Whatever sprints which ends Address in less than ten minutesSurvivors trying to survive for 1000 days in hardcore Architects at heart who are producing ever more gigantic innovations, or even computer fanatics who are proliferating computer in a Maine Craft

Also note that with Ultra Hardcore (UHC) mode, Maine Craft He is technically the first to import the concept of Battle Royale in the history of video games, and this was a few years ago H1Z1.

the Custom timeline created by YouTube It also allows you to track different creators Maine Craft Since 2010 we see its development. On the other hand, there is hardly any mention of the very important French community though Maine Craft. Anyway, it makes us want to go back to 2011 to review a little guide on TheFantasio974.

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