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(ANSA) – Madrid, May 15 – Crowds of bars and crowded streets, youth with a desire for fun, policemen and firefighters bent on trying to avoid gatherings and enforce anti-virus measures: in different regions of Spain, according to El Pais newspaper. The first weekend without a state of emergency has so far resulted in scenes closer to those of pre-natural times of the pandemic, albeit without the excesses of last week, when hundreds of people received curfews at the end of the night. New Year-like celebrations, often without masks or social distancing.

This time, the authorities have increased the police presence in several cities: In Barcelona, ​​for example, agents dispersed about 7,200 people from the beach area on Friday evening, according to the Spanish public broadcaster Radio Nacional.

The restrictions on opening hours for bars and clubs that remain in effect in nearly all major cities have also contributed to avoiding out-of-control situations in public places.

On the eve of the first full weekend with no restrictions on travel between regions, there was a significant increase in road traffic and in the flow of passengers on trains, particularly outside Madrid and towards the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. Spain and the South. (handle).

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