This is behind the new start menu design

With Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing a new but controversial start menu design that doesn’t suit all testers. The headwind is clearly strong enough that one is now energetic. Microsoft developers now provide development in detail. Above all, there is one reason Central Start Menu is compelling.

New Start Menu in Windows 11: Developers Explain the Benefits

Where and what the taskbar looks like has always been a matter of the operating system. With Windows 11 it changes quite a bit. The taskbar icons are placed in the middle of the new Microsoft operating system, as in the start menu. This throws an iconic decades-old design decision into the sea. Now the developers are giving Insight into the background.

The main reason for the central start menu: Windows 11 . must Can be optimally used on various peripherals be (Source: The Wall Street Journal). The goal was to make Windows efficient and flexible, says Diego Baca, Microsoft’s director of design, “from small tablets to PCs to 50-inch ultra-high-resolution monitors.” Take a long trip to get to the start button and linked menu. This is less important with smaller screens, but the space between different apps or windows and the taskbar is also shorter there.

When setting up the start menu for Windows 11, the . file Focus on the user experience may stop. The Microsoft team was in touch with testers and got feedback early on about the menu’s zoning, such as search bar placement, favorite apps, websites, and files. The latter’s ability to access the latter directly from the start menu is credited to the comments, according to program director Eric Papamarkos.

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You can see what will change with Windows 11 in a file Video:

Microsoft developers want to force a better start menu

Until recently, there was still an option for testers, which is Semi-reset Start Menu in Windows 11 on the familiar version of Windows 10 in the lower left corner of the screen. But they also said goodbye to it.

The developers also created a new start menu Consider it a big step forward. Not surprisingly, its use is now mandatory, as it seems. Of course, this will only be possible with the planned launch of Windows 11 in October.


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