So this photo is supposed to be fake?

who – which PlayStation VR It has long been certain that a successor will be available, but at the end of February, the design for a VR successor was finally officially presented. Production in full swing About 1.5 million units Sony wants to submit to the launch. Exactly when that is the case, there is no definite information yet – an alleged leak talks about one Release in the first quarter of 2023.

In order to comply with the potential release and to actually be able to offer players the announced selection of 20 titles, the developers have to do so PSVR2 They naturally hold hands to adapt titles to new technology. In March, Sony shipped about 2,000 developer kits to its headquarters in Auckland, which could, of course, be PSVR2 consoles – although this has never been confirmed.

PlayStation VR2 headset picture: real or fake?

But the truth is that an image is now circulating on the Internet that purports to show headphones and accessories out in the wild. The image was first published by the developer studio Bit Planet GamesVR fans love it through titles Ultra Wings 1 and 2 It must be a term. The studio shared the photo on Twitter with the caption: “Guess what’s coming to PSVR2? Only correct answers!”

Meanwhile, the original tweet is Velvet picture Deleted and Bit Planet Games has a shortened version with a different official image of a VR headset from Sony on Twitter uploading has been done. But the Internet has not forgotten, and the original tweet and revealing photo were archived long ago.

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For example, Twitter user Tobias Rial responded to a new edited tweet from Bit Planet Games Screenshot of the original tweet The photo was freely shared by other users on Twitter, often without context. Meanwhile, Bit Planet Games seems to be in a real mess: after delete photo One reacts to the retransmission with jokes and denial.

Bit Planet Games is trying in vain to defuse the situation

The studio commented on the screenshot by Tobias Rial with words “Fake News! But a Professional Photoshop Job!” I fell Another Tweet about this subject “It’s not real. It’s just cardboard, duct tape, some wires, and a lot of it from a 3D printer.” Of course, Bit Planet Games could not contain the spread in this way and instead confirmed the credibility of the alleged fake.


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