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Apple Watch can unlock iPhone when Face ID is not working due to the mask.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for the iPhone 13 – a currently annoying bug reported by many iTopnews readers (thanks so much for that).

Unfortunately only one can be seen Note: “There is no connection to the Apple Watch. Make sure that the Apple Watch is unlocked and on your wrist and the iPhone is unlocked.”

There is only one option left: your iPhone should be reset and set up again without backup. Then it is possible that the watch can be paired again.

Don’t do that, it’s better to wait. Apple Support has announced that the bug has been fixed, as reported by our reader Philip:

“I tried everything: restarting iPhone, watching, clearing cache on both devices, reconnecting the watch and even resetting the watch completely. Nothing helped. (iPhone restored from backup, I didn’t want to restart that… Then I called Apple Support. To make it short: The problem is already known in this group (iPhone 13 (pro) restored from backup) MA Support requested a diagnostic report and was hoping to tell me more next week. Other readers may have problems too. You are not alone in that.”

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