NASA introduces you all to persevere on the Mars craft

Perseverance in Deer Mars Rover 3D. (Screenshot: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

At least roughly, NASA is now bringing you closer to the persevering Mars rover. The US space agency has developed an interactive 3D website for this.

“It is sometimes difficult for humans to understand the location and distance of images from Mars,” says Parker Abercrombie of NASA, explaining the idea behind the new website called Explore with persistence. The tool reproduces the current and previous positions of the 3D persistence chariot.

You can move the camera with the mouse. If you click anywhere in the landscape, on the left side of the image you will see photos taken by perseverance for this section of the planet Mars. On the right side of the screen, you can in turn select different previous positions of the Mars rover and navigate it yourself.

You can’t move the rover yourself, but the whole thing isn’t meant to be a game, but rather as a comprehension aid. The website will be updated regularly to make available new images of Mars in 3D. “It’s the best reconstruction of Mars’ appearance available,” Abercrombie said.

NASA publishes a map of the current location

In addition to a 3D website, NASA also has a website online map It is published based on a Google Maps model, where you can see the current state of the tenacity and the helicopter accompanying the dexterity. Landscape photos were taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO). It reached Mars in 2006. MRO has been orbiting Mars since and, among other things, taking high-resolution images of the planet’s surface. The spacecraft is also used to collect climate data and record indicators of the presence of water.

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In addition to persistence, NASA’s Curiosity rover has also been on the surface of Mars since 2012. In May 2021, the Chinese Mars rover Zhurong landed on the red planet. Next year, the three still active reconnaissance vehicles will receive a visit from Rover Rosalind Franklin. It is scheduled to be brought to Mars as part of a joint operation between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian state-owned space company Roscosmos.

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