Archeology, a legendary kingdom that vanished since 1000 B.C. I’ve been searching for for centuries, has been found hidden here.
Tell al-Naibah: One of the Cities of David’s Kingdom (Web) – www.themagazinetec

It was created to discover what the lands and cities of an ancient kingdom were like, searched for for a long time and never traced back.

Well, yes, according to Archaeologists who participated in the expedition and studies, it is done. More than three thousand years later that was the case is found What was kingdom affiliate King Davidwhich arose 1000 years before the birth of Christ. There she was, a stone’s throw from Jerusalem, But no one succeeded in following his path.

there Conclusion affiliate Stady to Joseph Garfinkel from Al-Quds University. According to what he reported, the antiquities five city Near Jerusalem They were part of the same thing kingdom who was the king David. And they all were fortified. It’s a recently completed study, in fact it was published in June.

And Garfinkle He mentions and expertly describes each five the city concerned. They are formed by pricking network the road it is part of one kingdom. As we well know, the King Davidappearance my book With distinction, A.A Jerusalem Luckily 44 years From 1104 BC until 960 BC we are in the Iron Age period.

What was said about him that he was shepherd And he managed to Meets All the tribe Israel under a The only king. So let’s see what these are city And how were they Connected Under one kingdom, a kingdom Jerusalem. Let’s understand together the reasons that led to the announcement of the discovery of a kingdom legendary.

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From myth to reality: Here is the kingdom of King David.

As mentioned, there are 5 fortified cities that, according to the latest archaeological study published in June, were part of the Kingdom of Jerusalem: Khirbet QiyafaAnd Tells swindleAnd Khirbet al-DoraAnd Lachish And Beit Shemesh. These five fortified cities were discovered at different times, from 1911 to 2007.

Khirbet Qiyafa: Another of the Five Fortified Cities (Web) –

Garfinkle I managed to determineage of all those city Thanks to Carbon history from some hazelnut to olive You find yourself within their walls. And then some were found engravings Which suggests one communication with’authority Very central and powerful. In short, we’ve almost certainly come to one Conclusion.

Be careful, though, because some… peers From Garfinkel, it is not found in an agreement With what he said the latter. In fact, many believe that the study and conclusions they approximate And that the protagonist has exaggerated the news a bit. For them, what is certain is that the Kingdom of Jerusalem He is presentbut she did not yet understand to what extent impact may have been.


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