Tonight in Italy, Gaspare raises his voice: Everyone forgets the massacre against Israel

Maurizio Gasparri, senator for Forza Italia, is a guest on the November 11 episode of Stasera Italia Weekend, the Rete4 talk show hosted by Augusto Minzolini. During the broadcast, we discuss the clash between Israel and Hamas that has been ongoing for more than a month: “What happened on October 7 was indescribable. We forget that as we speak there are Israeli children and elderly people among the hostages, even children under one year old and hostages who cannot walk because of their age. When it is said that Israel should cease fire and conclude a humanitarian truce, it is clear that we would all like there to be no wars, but why not a strong initiative to free the hostages? Every now and then they show pictures of hostages being used as threats. There are either elderly people or very young children, it seems to me that in a video a woman was filmed saying goodbye to her relative who died and she clearly does not know it and no one can truly tell her. Therefore, I also believe that pressure for the release of the hostages is indispensable.”

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“Israel – Senator Blue says emphatically – will not stop shooting, even the hospital issue is clear. It shouldn’t hit the hospital, but we all know that Hamas usually uses tunnels and passages under targets, which obviously can’t be hit, because bombing the hospital would be a mistake, but they are there. This horror must be repeated, because it is not parallel, there is an attack by fundamentalists and terrorists on a free and democratic country that decided not to be subjected to massacre. Then we can file all the appeals we want, but that’s the situation – Gasparri comments -.

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