Previsioni meteo per il weekend

Weather: Weekend, confirming a total change of scenery, will occur between Saturday 11 and Sunday 12

Weekend weather forecastFrom refreshments to the fresh return of the sub-tropical anticyclone. Confirmation arrived in light Next weekend When there is a file total change A scenario on the weather front, with direct effects on Italy between Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June.

But let’s go in order. in the coming days, At least until Friday 10 Junepass thunderstorm vortex It will disturb the atmosphere in many areas, before finally moving to Greece. At the same time, a wide bump The African Anti-cyclone will extend from the North African coast to restore the Mediterranean Midwest, another heat wave kicks off (we’re already in the third since May).

Many will think: “Now it’s summer, it’s true that there’s sun and it’s hot.” This is partially true, but we must not forget that Climate averages at the beginning of June In most cities, temperatures do not exceed 25 ° C during hot hours; Instead we often find ourselves dealing with hot peaks, with a temperature of over 30/32°C, and thus outside the norm: that is correct abnormality.

The latest update that just arrived confirms a Scene change Characterized by a new hot phase that was triggered by the advance of high pressure from the Algerian Sahara towards the end of the week It will start pumping hot air Which will gradually invest our country.
Easy to guess how the days were Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June will be characterized by abundant sunshine And by constantly increasing temperatures, with daily calorific values ​​that will touch I 30/32°C in the northern regionsAnd the 33 degrees Celsius in the middle (Only a few degrees lower along the coasts) And at least I 28/30°C In the south and on the two main islands: a few degrees lower in the south, compared to the north center, mainly due to winds that will continue to blow with moderate strength from the northern quarters.

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African cyclone strengthens Italy: sun and heat on the way African cyclone strengthens Italy: sun and heat on the way


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