Attacks against the United States temporarily halted –

It is one of those pieces of news that can be refuted by facts in a short time, but it is worth following up on. Iran ordered Iraqi Shiite militias to stop attacks against the United States In fact, No serious incidents have been reported since February 4.

On January 29 – Reuters revealed – Ismail QaaniThe commander of the Quds Division, the Pasdaran apparatus that coordinates allied factions in the Middle East, is I arrived at Baghdad airport Where he met with leaders of armed groups. The general never left the compound for security reasons, perhaps for fear of ending up like his predecessor Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by a US drone in January 2020. The visit took place just 48 hours after the bombing of the US base in Jordan. The lives of three soldiers, and thus in a moment of extreme tension with the risk of an all-out fire.

Tehran's envoy invited partners during the meeting Suspend incursions to avoid severe retaliation from Washington (Which was also there over and over again). Moreover, there are fears of destabilizing the Iraqi government, which is caught between several fires. On the one hand, the relationship with the United States, and on the other hand, the counter-rebel force. The Pasdaran's “mediation” appears to have led to a result, at least in the short term. All formations accepted the “truce” order.With the exception of the Al-Nujaba Brigade, while the Hezbollah Brigades publicly announced the cessation.

According to the sources quoted by the agency, Qaani’s intervention alone would have avoided new provocations. The story offers four visions. 1. It is further evidence of the ayatollahs’ control over the factions supported by weapons and coverIt is an alliance run by the Al-Quds Division. 2. Tehran as the White House wants Avoid a big confrontation. 3. Rest But the matter does not matter to the Houthis: It is an important aspect because the action of the movement in the Red Sea has a serious impact at the global level. For some, this means that Yemenis enjoy more autonomy or that it is a separate chapter in the greater game. 4. We are always in a very dynamic environment, where everything can change quickly. The militants are working to get the United States out of Iraq, and they have scores to settle after eliminating some of their leaders.

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