Faouzi Annajah, le Marocain qui révolutionne la voiture à hydrogène

“When I said I wanted to create a new car brand, people thought I was crazy! But it is a dream come true today.” These are the words that Fawzi Al-Anja said on the occasion of the presentation ceremony of a prototype of a new group of hydrogen-powered cars called NamX in Turin (Italy). The first prototypes of this revolutionary car will be announced in three years.

Faouzi El-Anja, a 29-year-old young businessman of Moroccan origin, grew up in Iragni (Val d’Oise in France). He hails from a modest Moroccan family of Rashidiya. He has always developed a passion for cars and innovation. A follower of change and the necessity of clean production, the young French-Moroccan says, he used the experience of his father, a Moroccan worker who worked for more than thirty years in the French manufacturer Renault, to make his passion and vocation. .

In addition to this passion, Anja has always had this ecological fiber and a certain interest in protecting the environment. “For 4 years, we have worked with important partners to find a sustainable mobility solution,” stresses the designer. “Our ambition is twofold, on the one hand to be a new player in the world of zero-emission cars, and on the other hand to constantly explore new innovations with our customers to make mobility easier,” said Fawzi Anajeh, founder of NamX.

To do this, the French-Moroccan designer collaborated with several European and Moroccan partners, including Italian designer Pininfarina. It aims to produce part of the car in a Moroccan factory. Indeed, Faouzi El Enagah intends to place Morocco and Africa at the center of the global dynamic around the new mobility. The NamX team is strong in its diversity, “In the team, we represent countries from both shores of the Mediterranean. We share our experiences. It is these forces that we have brought together to create new horizons.

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The HUV Prototype is a true clean mobility solution. It is the world’s first car powered in part by a patented system of removable tanks that promises a paradigm shift in the experience of clean mobility and public access to hydrogen. “The HUV is a pure, muscular, hydrogen-powered SUV whose main tank is complemented by a set of six pods with a total range of 800 km. L’usage de capsules comme réservoirs secondaires constitue une innovation de rupture qui ouvre la voie au déploiement à grande échelle de l’hydrogène pour les véhicules particuliers à travers un nouveau modèle de distribution énergétique, ique demand à la distribution énergététique » statment.


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