When is ZEvent 2021 When is the charity event organized by ZeratoR?  - Break Flip

ZEvent, organized by ZeratoR, returns in 2021! The official date has finally been announced, along with some additional information.

Now it has become a tradition: every year there is a ZEvent, which is organized by ZeratoR and his team! 2021 is no exception to the rule, as the official announcement of the event’s return has been announced live on the ZeratoR stream.

We now know when the event will happen: it is Weekend from 29 to 31 October 2021 That it would be possible to follow everything live. We also know that Association name All donations collected over the weekend will be donated, It’s an action against hunger !

Zvent returns in 2021 When will the event take place?

then so From 29 to 31 October 2021 This is the new version of ZEvent. Like every year, the concept is the same: For an entire weekend, streamers come together to collect the fundraisers of their lives. These donations are then made to a selected association and announced prior to the start of ZEvent. This year it will be Action Against Hunger !

bone Who will be the banners? Participate in this new edition? The list was revealed directly by ZeratoR, so we already know that it will be possible to find:

Most of them will definitely have donation goals, which can be found in the stream all weekend long. To reach them, a donation is enough!

musical party It will also take place the day before the event, Thursday 28 October, with Littlebigwhale, PVNova, LEJ, Kikesa et Fianso. It will be possible to attend the site by purchasing tickets on zevent.fr.

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