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British Airways British Airways announce Thousands of flights to and from Heathrow, the busiest in London and the UK, have been canceled in an effort to reduce the many inconveniences caused by staff shortages, in turn due to the layoffs recorded with the Heathrow crisis. sector caused by the epidemic. British Airways said it plans to cancel 629 Flights from now until October 29, and that winter flight programs, which run until the end of March, will drop by 8 percent: the decision is expected to result in the cancellation of about 10,000 flights.

However, British Airways has reassured passengers by saying that alternative flights or refunds are available for most affected routes.

In recent weeks, British Airways has already cut tens of thousands of other flights, and in early August, temporarily cut off suspended Sale of tickets for short trips departing from Heathrow Airport. The latter decided instead Reduction A daily maximum of 100,000 departures from the airport until September 11th. The main reason for all these measures was the lack of staff to work at full capacity due to the pandemic.

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