How to get a bonus of 1500 euros

Transfer bonus now affects pedelecs. It will be possible to get up to 1,500 euros as part of the purchase of a new electric bike after scrapping a polluting car.

In concrete terms, this new environmental bonus intended to ease the transition to a gentler commute, like the old one, is limited. In fact, the amount of assistance is fixed.” 40% of the purchase cost, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros This new ‘Bicycle Bonus’ has been extended to Cargo bikes acquired by individuals, local authorities, associations or professionals In this case, its amount may reach 1,000 euros.

What are the eligible vehicles?

Obviously, this reinforcement is subject to conditions. The main thing is to return his old thermal car. All diesel models registered before 2011 and all gasoline engines dating from before 2006 are affected. Finally, for the Bonus Classic, you must be of legal age and reside in France to be eligible for it. On the other hand, what the decree did not say was whether the two watches could be combined. Looking at the cars side, it’s possible to group different bonuses together, but at the moment nothing indicates that a bike conversion bonus can be added to help cities or regions. We will make sure to update this article as soon as we shed light on this scenario.

Despite the expiration of the “bicycle payment” and in particular the 50-euro assistance to repair and maintain his bike, the government asserts ” Promote the use of the electric bike as an alternative to the individual vehicle and promote the shift towards sustainable mobility ».

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