Il tempo previsto per i prossimi giorni

Weather: In the coming days, the heat will intensify, but there will also be some pitfalls; Forecasting

Weather forecast for the next few daysIn the next few days hot and the The pressure will rise againHowever, it will still be necessary to pay attention to some pitfalls.

At the moment, the general meteorological scenario is governed by one of our ancient acquaintances, the azure anticyclone, which is able to bring to our country the classic summer climate, the pleasant one, without special excesses in heat characteristics instead of its close African relative. In short, we’re back 15/20, back to typical Mediterranean summers.
We often define a good anticyclone, failing to ensure conditions of stability for the granite because it is often disturbed by more unstable drafts coming from the northeastern sectors of the ancient continent. result? Crowded afternoonAnd the Especially close to the inscriptions.

This will be the leitmotif of Coming days as far as Wednesday 13And the When the highlands in the northeast are in check first, then the entire Apennine mountain range, where they can develop during the hottest hours of the day Malicious thunderstorms, even in some very severe cases, signs of showers and hailstorms. It must be said, however, that only occasionally thunderstorms will have the strength to go into the surrounding plains.

immediately after that, from Thursday 14the high pressure of the Azores will return to retreat towards the Atlantic Ocean, leaving an open corridor to the west of the Iberian Peninsula in which another cyclonic vortex is forming, ready to get Calling very hot air masses That from Morocco they will start climbing towards Spain, and then shift their center of gravity towards our country.

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This would be a prelude to a climatic phase that is not only stable, but also warmer, with temperatures that will return to high above average, starting in the far western side of our country.
It’s like saying: let’s have a few more fun days, the African anticyclone is about to return, maybe even stronger than before.


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