The 76ers beat the Kings, tarnishing the appearance of the gentry for the first time

Therese Maxi had 24 points and the Philadelphia 76ers defeated Sacramento 102-94 despite the understaff, spoiling Alvin Gentry’s debut as interim Kings manager.

Shake Milton scored 16 points and Mathis Thiebol added 15 to help the Sixers win their second game in eight games. Andre Drummond scored nine points and 23 rebounds.

De’Aaron Fox finished with 23 points and Buddy Hield finished with 21 points for the Kings.

Gentry was promoted to interim manager after Kings sacked Luke Walton on Sunday. Gentry most recently served as a coach for the New Orleans Pelicans (from 2015 to 2020). He also led the coaching team in Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix.

However, there were not many differences on Monday and Sacramento once again struggled to complete the match.

The Kings were up nine at the start of the fourth quarter, but were out ahead with a score of 25-8 in the 9:45 final. They lost seven consecutive games to Philadelphia.

The 76ers, who were already playing without Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, also didn’t have Tobias Harris (left hip) and Seth Curry (back pain).

Maxi helped make up for the absences despite a difficult night of field shooting. He was 8 out of 22 and hadn’t made any of his four 3-point attempts.

But Maxi scored six points inside Philadelphia’s offensive in the fourth quarter. Milton and George Niang scored six goals in the decisive attack.


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