The correct way to cook frozen croissants in an air fryer

There is an effective way to cook frozen croissants to perfection. So here’s how to get excellent results.

there Air fryer It is now a fairly widespread instrument even in Italian homes. In fact, even frozen croissants are perfect.

The invention of the croissant

the croissantAnd now, from generation to generation, it has become a symbol of the typical Italian breakfast, usually accompanied by a good meal cappuccino.

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On the other hand, when we go to any bar in… Beautiful countryOften times, we can’t give up this winning combination. However, despite the ease of association with the boot, in fact, the origins of this seem to be Brioche They are not Italian at all.

In fact, historians say that the croissant should have made its debut ViennaDuring the seventeenth century. To be precise, this was the period when the capital of Austria was surrounded by the Turks.

So, without going into too many details, in the end, after the victory of the Austrians, the bakers were created Crescent shaped cakeThe shape of which reminds us of the coat of arms of the Turkish army.

Returning to the present, we can certainly find croissants nowadays filled with many different ingredients. In addition, those are also available Frozen foods. Let us see, then, the best way to cook the latter.

The best way to cook frozen croissants

the Frozen croissantsFrom a certain point of view, it can be considered a convenient product when fresh produce is not available.

Frozen croissant

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In fact, setting them up is very simple and quick, especially if you have one Air fryer. Specifically, this special device allows us to get a good result easily.

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But in this case, it is good to remember that there are two types, namely those that are cooked directly from frozen and those that must be left to rise.

As for the first category, it is sufficient to place the croissants in the appropriate basket and cook them 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

However, if you have the second category in your hands, you will have to follow some additional steps. In particular, remember to first remove the croissants from the refrigerator The evening before Where you want to consume it.

Then put them inside Air fryer basketLeaving a space between one and the other. Then close the drawer and wait for them to rise. To do this, it will take at least eight straight hours.

Finally, when you wake up, you can cook food in the oven 12 minutes at 170 degreeswithout even worrying about preheating.

Air fryer

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Finally, we would also like to give you some tips to avoid ruining your brioche. The first advice is not to use Baking trayBecause it may obstruct the passage of air coming from below.

The second is that even though we gave you a general reference, it’s a good idea to keep that in mind Cooking times It may vary depending on the type of pan you are using.


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