Lunch skipped and early return: yellow on Lukashenko’s health

Yellow is healthy Alexander Lukashenko. head of the Belarus, 68 years old, invited by Vladimir Putin to Moscow on the occasion of Victory Day, laid wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, on the slopes of the Kremlin, and attended the scheduled military parade. However, he would not have attended the lunch given by Putin with the other guests, but would have returned to Minsk early due to his indeterminacy. Health reasons.

What happened to Lukashenko

Lukashenko, one of Putin’s closest allies to Russia, may be suffering from health problems. In the past few hours, rumors about him have been chasing each other, sparked by a photo posted on Twitter by Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Interior of Ukraine.

In the photo they just see Five guests Sitting at the Kremlin table at Putin’s dinner. Apart from the Russian president, no one seems to match the profile of the Belarusian president in terms of construction. Citing Russian Telegram channels, Gerashenko claims Lukashenko left Moscow early for health reasons. The Belarusian leader was even going to arrive at the airport on Ambulance.

Belarusian agency Belta He narrated the Day of the Head of State: Arriving in the Russian capital and visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as evidenced by photos of the event posted on the Kremlin website.

Rumors about the health of the leader

Unofficial sources added that Lukashenko did not really appear in good shape during the parade, and that he would arrive at the cemetery by plane. Machine.

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As mentioned before daily Mailthe president of belarus, limphe allegedly asked Putin and a Russian security officer to provide it to him help During the Victory Day celebrations.

Stunning and struggling, Lukashenko was never able to walk less than a quarter of a mile shoulder to shoulder with the Kremlin chief in the Red Square event. In a video, Putin can be seen who may have ordered his aides to prepare a cart to transport guest and ally, in order to avoid moments of embarrassment in the spotlight of the entire world.

Lukashenko gave the impression that he was walking awkwardly in the Alexander Garden, with the Russian head of state, and was not able to bow naturally with the other leaders to lay flowers at the monument. Then, reportedly again, he was going to rush toairport To get home, skip the “casual breakfast” after the show organized by Putin.

Rumors and rumours

Rumors about the health problems of foreign presidents, especially if they are not democratic or at the head of countries hostile to the West, often haunt each other without any basis. Lukashenko is considered narrower ally Putin so much, over the past year, that he has allowed the Russians to organize military attacks against Ukraine from his country.

Reportedly, the Belarusian president has a severe problem al knee serious disorder in behind. “He needs urgent knee surgeryBelarusian opposition politician Pavel Latushko previously stated A NV Radio.

Sources in the president’s medical clinic say Lukasenko also has a problem with his gut vertebral column which would force him tolive on painkillers. When I met the Russian Defense Minister last year, Sergey Shoiguallegedly lying on a sofa, bloated with the problems of the accused.

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