Cyberpunk 2077 Next Generation, Digital Foundry Analysis

Update 1.5 for Cyberpunk 2077 movie just posted. Improvements on all platforms especially the much awaited next generation update. Many channels have seen the improvements it brings, but few have had the same amount of confidence digital foundry. This section is from the British site Eurogamer It has become the reference in terms of video game technology on the web. And on this day technicians defender They were able to look at the case Cyberpunk 2077 moviewhich we report here.

Let’s start with the Xbox Series S version. In its original version, which was only one game that was slightly reworked, Cyberpunk It works at 1440p and dynamically drops to 1080p under stress. The frame rate was stuck at 30fps. After patching, we go to 2304/1296p, up to 2560p/1440p. Either sharpening accompanied by an unwavering 30 frames per second! Traffic in the S-Class also rose sharply, as well as the number of pedestrians. The most undeniable in a game that depends heavily on its atmosphere.

On Xbox Series X, we have the choice between two modes: Ray Tracing and Performance. The first replaces the quality mode of the first version. The latter offered adaptive resolution between 1512p and 1720p. But after correction, we go to 1440p, decorated with anti-aliasing and anti-aliasing. In regards to frame rate, the previous version ran at about 30fps, while today it won’t oscillate a bit. The most undeniable thing about this mode is definitely the quality of the shadows. Because yes, Ray Tracing, which is resource intensive, is not used in ambient lights. The external difference will be slight. But inside, an extra layer of realism has been added to the image. Things get “lifelike”, lines are more contrast… In short, it’s more beautiful. Performance mode gives us a nearly constant frame rate of 60 frames per second. Much more consistent than the single version was. The resolution changes from previously 1080p to an adaptive spectrum between 1382p and 1728p. This is a noticeable improvement over last year! Traffic and pedestrians have also skyrocketed, and the visual slap is not far away.

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Not far, but not quite there. Anyway, if we refer to digital foundry. According to them, the current version is much better than when it was released. But there is still room for improvement Cyberpunk 2077 movie. With future corrections, small errors that still exist should be erased. And of course other points will be improved.

Personally, I’m passionately re-releasing myself into this Cyberpunk 2077 movie. It was hard to wait for this next generation patch, when I really wanted to dive back into Night City. But I wanted to do it in the best possible circumstances. Honestly, I get off on traveling through this world. Incredibly immersive, pretty to die for, update 1.5 has truly benefited it. So yes, the gunfights are average, the inventories are pretty dense, the dialogues are pretty long and often uninteresting, but the rest is insane. I’m talking especially about improved driving, loads divided by four and this atmosphere is like no other. Come back to her or give her a chance with Trial 5 hours. At least you can say you played it!

You can refer to the full analysis in its original version on the site this is the address.


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