Paris: RATP Auctions cut for the Parisian metro

Written by Graziella L. Photos by Cécile D. Posted on November 27, 2021 at 4:39 pm

Have you always dreamed of owning a piece of the Paris metro at home? It’s time to pamper yourself because RATP will auction its repaired furniture until December 3, 2021.

Borrow a file metro, it’s usually for a large part of Parisians. We see him almost more than our relatives, with celebrities metro, work and sleep. To take a little Paris emblem home with you, the RATP metal online auction Pieces of the Parisian metro and its refurbished furniture, even December 3, 2021. Enough to transform your living room!

in between Offered 215 items, There are a large number of nameplates, a Guimard style plate Of which there are not many copies left, ceramic tiles, maps, subway corridors, benches, or even the yellow “M”! These elements are recovered over time by RATP agents, which store the old fragments in a state. But when there is a lot of inventory, it is recycled. Jean Roseoud, Director of Aerospace Equipment and Systems Maintenance 20 minutes which – which”NSIts sale is the result of collective thinking with maintenance teams on an initiative basis“.

Some users sometimes ask if a file House furniture It was for sale, the idea became a reality and maintenance agents I identified interesting items for resale. The Adair Auctions Then estimate the shares whose profits will be donated to social group, an internal structure to fight against the main exclusion. Good work and new original decor. So shall we take part of the metro home?

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