The WhatsApp It won’t get paid, according to CEO Will Cathcart. However, the app will make some adjustments to its options and service offerings.

Cathcart confirmed in an interview with Sunday newspaper On June 26, WhatsApp will remain free. The head of the instant messaging platform intervened to put an end to the rumors that had been circulating for several weeks. They insisted that the application could adopt a paid model. ” This is a bug, WhatsApp will remain free » Announced the leader. The service’s two billion users can therefore be reassured. They will be able to continue using WhatsApp for free. In addition, the platform will introduce new services in the near future. These will be mainly intended for traders, among other things with the arrival of stores in the application.

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According to Cathcart, users will soon be able to order and pay via WhatsApp. Individuals and small businesses will benefit from these upcoming features for free. However, this will not be the case for large companies.

Commitment to respect privacy

WhatsApp has been going through a trust crisis since the beginning of the year. Some users do not agree to its new terms of use and data sharing. The update marks the merger with Instagram and parent company Facebook. Cathcart used his interview with JDD to bring up the topic.

Users have criticized the app for forcing it to adopt its terms of service. The service had already announced an ultimatum on May 15 to accept the changes. Those who decline will have very limited access to the app. The crisis of confidence is great because it has pushed users towards competition. Other messaging apps like Signal or Telegram have found themselves at the top of the download charts on Android and iOS. ” We must constantly earn their trust and prove that we offer the safest solution Cathcart said.

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Cathcart criticizes Telegram

« If you text someone, or call them, no one will be able to see what you wrote or hear what you said, not even WhatsApp. This is essential! » Explain who is responsible for messaging. He insisted that his company remains committed to protecting privacy. The manager also provides guarantees regarding the preservation of end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp’s main asset is end-to-end encryption. His boss mentioned that Telegram ” It does not have end-to-end encryption by default “.Group chats don’t benefit from this security either.” This model is not the right one for us because it compromises security and privacy. “,” Cathcart selected.


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