Stephen Palmcord during the game against Crutherford.

Stephen Palmcord was also not entirely satisfied. On October 1, 2021, FC Cologne defeated Grutherford 3-1.

After beating Crutherford, 1. FC Coleen made the best start in five years. There is pure comfort in Cologne, only Stephen Palmcord warns from Mungerstarp. A comment.

Cologne. The best start of the season after the 2016/17 Euro season. Ex-anxiety strikes to score again. Attendance of fans with a feeling of heartburn. A coach who has to go to the principal!

After the third house hit of the season, The Emotional World 1. FC Köln is not only ruthless, but pink above all else. “There are many personal burns that are very serious,” says interim sports director Jork Jacobs, 50, who accurately describes the current situation.

Stephen Palmcord Break scored 1. FC Coln

And Stephen Palmcord (49)? He has his hands full to prevent the environment from returning freely. He believes he wants to find Eve in the ointment and brake pedal. Secretly, the FC coach also knows, of course, that a move to Jacken Castle is impossible, where calls for Copenhagen and Milan are already loud again.

Because it’s not just the number of points that trigger a mega delight in the city. This is the way Pamcard takes the troop count. With unconditional attacking football, FC is definitely one of the main attractions of the league. It’s not only successful, it’s also fun – especially for fans.

How much, you can feel it during the powerlifting floodlit game against Ford on Friday evening. There was a complete goosebumps mood, which could give the team an extra percentage over the next few weeks. Because with Pamkart’s intense and exhausting football, the team will have stages of weakness. A full rain-energy-stadium can help beyond the limit.

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Fans 1. FC Cologne vs. Crutherford.

On October 1, 2021 at the Rain-Energy-Stadium they played at the 1.000 FC Cologne home against the SPVG Crutherford team.

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It’s not bad to still have someone who wants to avoid satisfaction: the coach even figured out key words for the great Ellis Schreic. Reminder of Palmcord, Müngersdorf! “We’re in a good way. Overall, you see I’m laughing,” he said without laughing. One way to deal with this happiness ….


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