A magnetic storm will hit Earth this Wednesday evening after a major solar flare

Graciella L. Posted July 6, 2022 8:07 PM

Since the Sun entered its awakening phase, solar flares have multiplied and caused magnetic storms on Earth. One of them is expected to be relatively small this Wednesday, July 6, 2022 in the evening.

In recent years, the planet Terre facing Solar storms increasingly important, while our Soleil It has started its recovery phase, the peak of which will be reached in 2025. These are Sun burn Multiply and produce Electromagnetic radiation So powerful, it can have effects on communications, satellites and networks. This is Wednesday evening, And Magnetic storm Expected between 20 hrs and 23 hrs, But fortunately it seems small.

A super solar flare is feared by scientists because it is unpredictable and could set back human civilization by thousands of years. The Magnetic fieldIt protects us from repeated assaults from the sun, and can still sustain the most dangerous radiation, and it must protect us again. Wednesday, July 6, 2022. This storm comes from within usJune 29 explosionAccording to experts, interestingly but without obvious danger.

This storm is considered Small, is classified in the G1 category, so there is nothing to panic about. A good show is expected in the northern United States, with an exceptional aurora borealis caused by the storm. Some malfunctions is also consideredPower grids and some satellites in orbit, in poor condition. However, A sunspot The latest finding indicates that more severe magnetic storms may be feared in the coming weeks and months.

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