All you need is a journal to find happiness again: that’s what psychologists say

Have you ever heard of a “bullet journal”? The key to our happiness may lie in these two words. Here’s what it is.

There are those who say that happiness lies in the little things. For example, a bullet journal. Many of you are probably already familiar with this term, but for everyone’s benefit, it’s worth explaining what it is. By definition, it is a handwritten diary that also functions as a calendar, thinking space, drawing paper, and agenda.

Bullet journaling is so called because it involves the use of bulleted lists to represent each activity or event (

It can be used to organize and schedule daily, weekly and monthly tasks and appointments. According to some psychologists, it has the power to change our lives (for the better). Bullet journal is called this name because Includes the use of bulleted lists To represent each activity or event. In a bullet journal it is also possible to create a summary to quickly go to the different internal sections.

Each page is divided into two columns: The option on the left contains the task or event, while the option on the right contains any additional notes or details. You can also place symbols or bullets in the left column to indicate the status of a task or event (for example, a dot for a completed task, an arrow for a task migrated to Another Page, or a star for a priority task). That’s it? never…

All the wonders of a bullet journal

You can use a bullet journal to Plan your commitments Daily, weekly and/or monthly, and monitor their correct implementation. But we should also write down the things we are grateful for every day, so that we can focus on the positive aspects of our lives and develop a positive attitude. Moreover, it can be used to write down our expenses and monitor our financial situation, always using different colors or symbols to represent different types of expenses.

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How bullet journaling helps you be happier
Keeping a diary can be useful for improving our mental health and well-being (

If the goal is to keep a bullet journal Improve our mental health And our well-being, here are some other ideas:

  • Recording thoughts and feelings: This can be a useful way to process emotions and manage stress. Writing about emotional experiences for 15-30 minutes daily has been shown to lead to improvements in mental and physical health.
  • Focus on the positive: By making lists of the good things in our lives or the qualities we like about ourselves, we can help eliminate, at least partially, negative feelings.
  • Write down any advice or treatments to follow. Many people find note-taking very useful Stay organized and reduce stressBecause it gives them a clear overview of what they need to do and helps them focus on one thing at a time. In short, be happier. seeing is believing.


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