Sixteenth place in the French League, and in a series of five consecutive defeats at the end of 2021, GF38 took advantage of the armistice to implement Several changes for reboot. General Manager of GF38, Max Marty On Monday evening our guest will take a tour of the Grenoble Club site.

Vincent Hogan new coach

After Maurizio Jakobache was sidelined on December 14, Grenoblewa discovered their new coach at the start of the second half on December 30. This is Vincent Hugnon, 47, the former coach of Metz in particular. He arrived to give a new boost to a group in case he failed with his former coach.

The transfer period has already begun, and may not have ended yet

Restarting the transfer window is also a lever, and Grenoble was quick to activate it. On the heels of Vincent Honon’s introduction, GF38 announced the arrival of the midfielder Axel Ngandu. GF38 hopes to complete other arrivals, particularly in the attacking half-mast segment during the early part of the season. What arrivals? Is departure expected? Max Marti is contained in 100% GF38.

health uncertainty

Grenoble’s sports director also spoke about the health situation, since Monday Back metrics. So there will be no more than 5,000 spectators on Saturday against Auxerre, no refreshments and that’s right miss out on win.

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