Monaco only deviates from Bayern's big goal?

Alexander Nubel and the Bayern Munich team, closed at the moment.

The 24-year-old goalkeeper turns his back on the Munich team, in return Bayern Munich brings back Sven Ulrich. Next season, Nobel will follow Sports 1-Information on loan from AS Monaco between posts.

He did it mostly only in training at Bayern. “It was clear to us that Alexander could play this role for a year he plays now. There can be no second year because the topic of match training is important to him. We are currently trying to find a solution with Bayern Munich,” Nobles advisor Stefan Bucks explained in March / March.

The result: the talented goalkeeper is now turning towards his big goal of becoming Bayern Munich’s number one.

Alexandre Noble: With Monaco on the international stage

An important point in Nobel’s decision on Monaco: should he win the duel with 30-year-old Benjamin Lecomte (according to the French sports daily the team If Nübel did not have a guarantee of a regular place), he would certainly play internationally.

Monaco are third in Ligue 1 last season in Champions League qualifiers, so if they fail, in the worst case scenario, they will play in the Europa League.

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In addition, this was not the first time that Monaco sports director Paul Mitchell had tried to acquire the services of the Nübels. During his time as a scout at RB Leipzig, the 39-year-old, who now controls Ligue 1 club, announced for the former German national under-21 goalkeeper.

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Then Niko Kovac is also active at AS, who described Noble as a “very good player” when he was coach of Bayern when rumors of a move to the Bavarian capital first surfaced.

Since Kovac was fired in November 2019, he no longer has a chance to work with Nobel. Now there is a new attempt.

Is it a nübel like Volland?

And last but not least, the example of Kevin Volland showed that a move abroad – in particular to Monaco – could give a new impetus to a career.

In his first season under Kovac, the former Leverkusen player was directly involved in 26 goals in 40 competitive matches – and was rewarded with a nomination for the European Championship.

So now Nobel also wants to recommend himself for higher assignments in the principality – until 2023 in Munich?

Then Nübels’ loan contract and FCB goalkeeper Manuel Neuer’s contract expires.


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