Olympics 2021 - Former OM: Kignok and Tavin quietly, Sakai shines with Japan and crushes Ripolin blueberries!

De Marcei was represented at the Olympics on Wednesday afternoon during the match between the French team and Japan on behalf of the Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, Saga’s gang came out on top with a 4-0 victory!

The French team would not have succeeded in getting rid of the Japanese team! The Sylvain Ripoll guys especially thanked Hiroki Sakai for a goal 4-0!

Kignok and Tavin do nothing

The Blues’ third place removes them from the competition! Return to the respective clubs for all the young players, Kignok, Souvenir and Florian Thavin.

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The two former Marseille were unable to save the honor against Japan on Wednesday. Florian Tau’s performance was very disappointing. As for Andre Pierre Gignak, he will have a good memory in this match, especially with a hat-trick and an assist against South Africa. The striker would have scored a goal against Mexico in the first meeting.

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