Bild newspaper publishes a blank page -
from Paolo Valentino

The Sunday edition of the newspaper, yesterday morning, left a space on its front page stating that it was set up for an interview with the Green Party candidate.

From our correspondent in Berlin on the German election campaign, an interesting media controversy erupted between the green candidate for chancellor Annalena Barbock and between picture, the most read newspaper in Germany. Yesterday morning, I left the Sunday edition of the Axel Springer newspaper white space on page, explaining that it was intended for an interview that Baerbock refused to give.

According to Bild, the application was already submitted in August. «Here – written in the title Empty Space – Environmental Filter He could have explained how he intended to ruleWhat are the values ​​you stand for? But after several weeks of hesitation, she refused to do so apparently because she did not find the time. picture She announced that in the next few days she will host two interviews with CDU-CSU filterAnd Armin Laschet however from Spd, Olaf Schultz.

It is clear that there is a strong political motive behind the rejection of the great Barbock. picture During the election campaign it was The newspaper most critical of earthquakes and mistakes made by the leader of Gruenen, from the decoration of her autobiography, to the copy-pasting of some passages of her book, which was published in June. But the Green Party blames the conservative newspaper above all To give space only to these negative aspects, Ignoring the Green Electoral Program’s proposals, and in fact often distorting their meaning or exaggerating their impact, it is a standardized and tested method by picture. One of the most used stereotypes is the drawing of greens in the form of“Prohibition Party”
, because of their proposals in defense of climate, starting with presenting Speed ​​limit 130 per hour On German highways, where today people run freely.

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The controversy between the greens and picture However, it has ancient roots. In the early days of Gerhard Schroeder’s red and green governments, the Springer newspaper was the hero of the campaign Against Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, after posting his photos from the 1970s, during a demonstration in Frankfurt while attacking a policeman. over there picture He demanded the resignation of Fischer, who successfully defended himself in Parliament, and went beyond all limits by publishing more photos of Environment Minister Jürgen Tritten, apparently holding a stick in his hand during a demonstration. The photos turned out to be fake and picture He had to apologize in spite of himself.

Election campaign for September 26 elections Entered the hottest stage. Barbock, yesterday, criticized his rivals, who announced a trip to Paris, to visit Macron. Scholz today, Laschet on Wednesday. Actually it is German tradition That the leaders of the two main parties (so far one of them has been a permanent chancellor) meet with the French president before the vote. But Barbock does not exist: “The Elysee is not a place to campaign,” said Gronin’s candidate, declaring that she would not ask for an interview with Macron and would not go to France, because she wanted to use all the time available to “meet German electricians and voters ».

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