Elegance made a dog |  Discover the originator of the English language

All the animals are lovely especially the dogs, the highlight being the very elegant English Setter

It's really like this: All animals, especially those that need love and affection, are beautiful, but today attention is focused on the English Setter.

Let's discover the Setter: one of the most elegant dogs – Velvetpets.it

There are many breeds of dogs, the English Setter, as the name reveals, is originally from England. A dog with a moderate temperament, but suitable for hunting. The name here is also evocative, since the article seize is derived from the verb “to seize,” that is, to pin down the prey, and aim at it.

The English Setter is a large, elegant dog, with an appearance that allows him a wide range of movement. The setter contains a color that often returns a series of different colors (the English term “Pelton” denotes “Piebald”In fact, the coat can be tri-colored, with different tan markings and a combination of three basic colors, white and brown, black and white, and white and orange.

English Setter: All curiosities related to this breed: behavior, nutrition, care and health

Certainly one of the characteristics of the setter is that it is a very fast target while hunting, without being heavy and frustrating The act of hunting itself, suddenly frightening the prey. It has excellent fatigue resistance and can be sized small, medium or large. The eyes are generally a dark hazel colour.

The character of this animal is certainly friendly, as the latter tends to bond and blend in perfectly with other animals and be its own Good relationship with humans. A personality that can be defined as lively and very social. Even with the kids the mood is definitely very good. In short, it is a very tolerant dog breed.

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From behavior to nutrition: What do you know about the Setter dog – Velvetpets.it

Some health problems can occur in this breed of dog. The English Setter also has a genetic predisposition to suffer from it Various vision and hearing disorders. Even at the orthopedic level, attention must be paid to problems that may occur in the hips.

Therefore, attention must be paid to this aspect through periodic examinations, especially before the first childbirth. The English Setter's diet should be varied and rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients in general. Not only that, you have to remember Don't feed them all at onceBut through small meals. This is to avoid overloading the digestive system and causing intestinal volvulus.


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