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LONDON – Basically, Boris cannot be prime minister: He is so poor. The unknown strike led him toSunday times Downing Street Adviser: And so On English Sunday, he tried to do the math in Johnson’s pocket, Only to discover that the British Prime Minister is on the sidewalk, constantly struggling with financial problems that put him under pressure of all kinds. At the origin of the story is the Downing Street condo renovation scandal, Where Boris lives with his fiancée, Carrie Symonds: A £ 58,000 bill, at least initially, is given by the Conservative party financiers. Johnson did not announce – as he should have done – the donation: which sparked numerous investigations that could even lead to his indictment.

He was so cynical about it Restyling From the prime minister’s residence, which his girlfriend so desires: she chooses the most expensive furnishings for one person Designer Trendy, because it seems Terrified of the store furniture Theresa May left behind. Excessive taste and baroque that earned her the nickname Carrie Antonietta and this led to a whispering gross bill of 200,000 pounds (about 250,000 euros): it was only after the fact that it was presented to the miserable Boris. Of course, it might seem strange at first glance that a British Prime Minister is really penniless, especially when you think about him The official salary is 157 thousand pounds annually, or about 185 thousand euros. But that was really a drain for Johnson, compared to his previous income: as a newspaper columnist telegraphHe received more than 300,000 euros, in addition to fees for books and speeches. In total, before assuming leadership of the country, Boris would repatriate more than half a million annually.

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Now, that prime minister’s net income from income tax is 95,000 pounds (about 110,000 euros). But then there you have to pay At least 10,000 Euros in taxes for a Downing Street apartment: Johnson will also have to cover his own expenses for his meals and for his guests out of his own pocket if he welcomes someone privately into official accommodations. But Especially his chaotic private life that weighs on Boris’ accounts. The divorce from ex-wife Marina, which was abandoned for Carrie, was especially costly; Then there are the many children who need to be supported, the six officers (four from Marina, one from Mistress and one from Carrie) and who knows how many other unofficial officers there are. Finally, Johnson took out a mortgage of over one and a half million To buy a house with Cary in South London and she has to pay for her cottage in Oxfordshire.

In short, there is no need to waste. This is why Boris allegedly asked the generous Conservative financiers to write off the moneyIncluding paying her babysitting fees for and for her last child, Wilfred, who has just turned one. personal trainerWhich helped him to get rid of extra weight. But as an anonymous donor said, I don’t agree to be asked to pay to clean the prime minister’s baby donkeyBecause a babysitter in London costs around 2,500 euros per month (and a personal trainer 20 € an hour). To cover their expenses, Boris would also have requested a bank loan: but this wasn’t even announced. The problem of transparency is not only due to the law: A bankrupt prime minister can be exposed to all kinds of pressuresIf not blackmail, as well as distracting him from his duties.

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last week The events of Johnson’s chaotic life filled the English newspapers And the business went on the offensive, shouting scandal and corruption. Many argue that public opinion does not pay much attention to her, since it is assumed that Boris’ character is by no means blameless. but in fact Voters start taking notesThe most recent opinion polls gave the Labor Party only one point without the Conservatives, who had previously enjoyed a major advantage. and this is A few days after an important round of administrative elections: If scandals affect the vote, then for Johnson, already trapped on the home front, a very delicate phase will open.

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