Jack Doohan and Logan Sargent win FIA F2 at Silverstone

Felipe Drukovic leads the championship ahead of Theo Barseyer and Jehan Daruvala. But the Brazilian will not start from pole position in the main race.

In fact, Logan Sargent delivered his first pole position at the Silverstone circuit. He was ahead of Fréderik Vesti and Félipe Drugovich, followed by Theo Pourchaire. Enough to give us a thrilling main race.

First win for Jack Doohan

Jehan Daruwala starts from pole position ahead of Enzo Fittipaldi, Juri Whipps and Jack Doohan. Theo Barseyer is 7th in the starting grid. The track is wet. A lap was made behind the safety car. After a second lap under the safety car, the race began with a rolling start.

Jehan Daruala leads the peloton. Enzo Fittipaldi held his position ahead of Juri Whipps, Jack Doohan, Ayumu Iwasa, Liam Lawson, Theo Purser and Felipe Drukovich. The Brazilian fights with Frédéric Westi, who passes him. Felipe Drukovic tried to regain control of Frederik Vesti, but, on this wet track, things were short for all drivers. Jake Doohan pushes for Jury Whips to finish 3rd. At the same time, Theo Purser does the same to Liam Lawson. Jack Doohan passed on lap 5 and took 3rd place. Enzo Fittipaldi took the lead at the end of lap 5.

Enzo Fittipaldi is ahead of Jack Doohan and Jehan Daruwala. Theo Purser passes his teammate and Liam Lawson in a few turns. Jack Doohan leads the race with Ayumu Iwasa in 2nd. Theo Pourchaire moved up to 4th place. The trail dries slowly. With less than 4 laps to go, Filip Drukovich moved up to 6th place, holding off Frédéric Westi. He then overtook Jehan Darwala to finish 5th behind Theo Barseyer.

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Jack Doohan won the race ahead of Ayumu Iwasa and Enzo Fittipaldi. Follow Theo Pourchaire, Felipe Drugovich, Frederik Vesti, Logan Sargeant and Jehan Daruvala 8th.

First win for Logan Sargent

Great start from Theo Purser in 2nd in the first corner behind Logan Sargent. Roy Nissan collided with Dennis Hauger, the latter lost control and sat on Roy Nissan’s single seat. The Security car Enters the track on the 2nd lap.

Logan Sargent, Theo Purser, Liam Lawson, Ayumu Iwasa, Felipe Trukovic, Frederic Vesti, Enzo Fittipaldi and Juri Whipps are 8th. The safety car fades out at the end of lap 5. It moves into the top 10, with Marcus Armstrong moving back to 8th. David Beckman is stopped and penalized for 10 seconds. The first stops at the end of lap 9 included Frédéric Vesti, Enzo Fittipaldi and Marcus Armstrong. Liam Lawson stopped on the next lap. The leaders stop at the end of the 11th round. Logan Sergeant comes in 9th, with Theo Purser just behind.

Jury Whips Jehan Daruwala, Jack Doohan, Jake Hughes, Marino Sato, Callan Williams, Logan Sargent and Theo Purser are ahead of 8th place. Jehan Darwala closes the leader and the second wave stops and approaches. Jury Whips stopped at the end of the 22nd lap and Jehan Daruwala continued to derail. Stops at the next turn. At the end of the 24th lap, all drivers were stopped. Logan Sargent leads the way in 8th place with Theo Purser, Liam Lawson, Frederic Vesti, Felipe Drukovich, Marcus Armstrong, Juri Whipps and Jehan Daru.

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Jury whips past Marcus Armstrong. Jagan Daruwala does the same. Frederic Westy is in Retro by Liam Lawson. Logan Sargent wins Theo Purser, Liam Lawson, Felipe Drukovich, Frederic Vesti, Juri Whipps, Jehan Daruvala and Marcus Armstrong finished 8th. Both ART drivers are under investigation for pit stops.


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