Catalan Grand Prix: Johan Sarko stumbles over Miguel Oliveira, Fabio Guardiola kicked off stage

Catalonia’s G.P. Johan Sarko (Ducati Bramack), who returned like a bullet, failed miserably in his quest for his first victory in the Prime Minister’s class. In third place in the finish line, Fabio Quartaro (Yamaha) was fined and finished 4th behind Jack Miller.

Fabio Guardiola, who has been used to being in laces since the start of the season, does not plan to pick up gloves on his mix rivet. Despite a successful start from the pole, Yamaha saw the rider Miller and Olivera fall like bullets at the end of a straight line.

In the previous maneuver on the Australian official Ducati, the French lost two more seats. A simple setback. With full control, he grabs the lap after the lap and returns to second, then grabs the Portuguese, a solid leader from the second lap. Quartaro filled a second in the four laps and K.T.M. Hot Couture so far.

But Oliveira did not finish his Catalan parade. After two laps, he came straight in front of the long pit. Quartaro, who had started several laps in the maneuver to maneuver with the Portuguese, seemed to be waiting for the right moment to reclaim the top step of the stage. But MotoGP is still a mechanical game. When it has no engine or ride, it is a case of getting off the rails.

It opened five laps from the end, allowing air to rush through the ribs of the young Ninois. Defense in the trunk soared in hopes of a fourth win in seven races. In his misfortune, he was fined three seconds for cutting an ace and lost to Matter Miller.

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Oliveira, who had chased down a Frenchman, was seen knocking down another in this breathtaking final, Johan Sarko. Shortly after the start, the Ducati Bramak ride finally found a momentum in the first third of the race. When Marc Marquez (Honda) and Alex Espercaro (Aprilia) went to the bay, Sarko rushed to a new stage. Coming a long way, he took advantage of Guardaro’s problems and climbed to second.

He was looking for his first MotoGP success and followed the leader. He is going to miss a turn to get past. “I wasted no time overtaking Jack (Miller), explained Sarko when he arrived. We have the same motorcycle. I’m lucky to have a problem with Fabio. I pushed Miguel back, but he controlled well. “

The Portuguese were relieved to win. “One of the most beautiful hits“His career.”It was so hard. With tires. With the pressure of Fabio.“With its new chassis, KTM has once again become one of the leading motorcycles and can cause trouble until the summer break.

4th, Guardaro is the leader of the championship, but sees Sarco coming back for 17 points. Victims of the race, Mark Marquez and Valentino Rossi, continue on the way to the cross this season.


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