Storm Nadine hits northern Europe with hurricane-force winds!  These are the consequences for Italy

Storm Nadine hits Norway with hurricane-force winds

A violent Atlantic storm named NadineIt is preparing to hit northern Europe with hurricane-force winds ready to sweep the Norwegian coast with gusts exceeding 190 km/h.
In short, something is starting to open up at the atmospheric level, that is The first signs of a turning point Which soon It will also have consequences for the Mediterranean basin and for Italy.

But let's go in order. It is expected that Nadine stormas meteorologists at the University of Berlin have renamed it, will particularly hit the northern-central sectors of the Norwegian peninsula with Wind speed is expected to reach 190 km/h (As powerful as a Category 2 hurricane); do you think that waves They can reach heights 10/15 meters Near the coast. In addition to the gusty winds, heavy rains and real storms are also expected snow Then it also spread to Sweden and Finland.

Wind speeds are expected to reach 190 km/h along the western coast of Norway
This is it The most direct signal of the resumption of turbulent Atlantic flow This could lead in the coming weeks to a series of disturbances directed first to Central Europe, and then also towards the Mediterranean basin.

For Italy, the dates marked in red on the calendar are from 10 to 12 February onwards. In fact, the “Atlantic Gate” could be reopened after long weeks of anticyclone dominance: in meteorological language, this term means that there are no obstacles for the disturbances descending from the ocean to be able to reach our country and thus cause more lively and certainly dynamic weather phases. . to'impact It would be more straightforward to have Rain and snow return (Snowflakes especially in the mountains, but surprises cannot be ruled out at low altitudes) after a long time over a large part of our country.

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