Shocking Aston Martin garage robbery: video

The video is clearly visible from surveillance cameras Two robbers with their faces covered Who brutally assaulted a man and dragged him away from his home Aston MartinAnd then quickly escape. This violent attack occurred in Victim’s garage in Westport, Connecticut, shortly after his return home.

Aston Martin stolen
Photo: Westport Police

The victim told police that when he returned home and entered the garage, he found two men They entered with their faces covered. The two attacked him while He was still inside the car They then stole his blue Aston Martin car after forcefully taking him out.

Photo: Westport Police

The police decided to deploy Video on the official Facebook pageThe pair are believed to have arrived in a dark blue BMW, as this vehicle was seen fleeing with the stolen car. It was later learned that a dark blue BMW was involved It was reported as stolen Also in Norwalk. The victim sustained minor injuries as a result of the attack, but refused medical attention. Alert messages were sent to nearby towns and the Connecticut State Police.

At the time of writing, the Aston Martin has not yet been recovered No arrests have been made.


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