Heid Keller is dead: Dream Ship actress is dead

WIt was dramatic, and she was there. Suddenly, Hyde Keller entered the film saying that women should be comforted, men should be subdued and children should be taken care of. As the lead presenter, the actress was the good mother of the “dream ship”. Or have the main male characters from the captain to the ship’s doctor always seemed a little tree? Harold Schmidt, who traveled with Oscar Schifferley, called the actors “well-spoken toys on social media.”

Alphonse Kaiser

Editor-in-Chief of “Germany and the World” and Frankfurt Alzheimer’s Magazine.

Heid Keller was always well-connected, so ZDF visitors were delighted to let her into the room on Sunday evening. As the lead presenter with the ungrateful name of Beatrice von Letber, she was a comforting sight as she did not go after the first episode of the series. She survived many captains from Gunder Konic to Heinz Weiss to Seagfried Roach: from November 22, 1981 to January 1, 2018, believe it or not, she was at sea for us for 37 years. When they said goodbye, Sasha Hehn was standing on the bridge – he too resigned.

He wrote at least six scripts for the series

Born in Dசsseldorf on October 15, 1939, Height Keller grew up in Darren, after completing a business school and acting training in several theaters, including Clive, Wuppertal, Dசsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Bonn, Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich. On television he first appeared on the side of Schwank “Der Meisterboxer” Willie and Lucy Millovich. After a few more small looks, she finally made her way to her peak. Height Keller is often dissatisfied with the thin script. She further developed her character and wrote at least six scripts for the series under the strange nickname Jack Doopan, which continues to this day in shallow water.

1983 The

1983 The “Dream Ship” crew becomes the doctor of the Horstmann ship, Captain Heinz Weiss, maid Height Keller, and Sasha Hehn Stewart.

Image: dpa

Her demands were recognized on television after she withdrew from her harsh words about Florian Silperison. With the captain of the “dream ship”, he told the Built newspaper, “You should not associate music with a happy boy wandering around the stage in a good mood.” Captain “a man who surrenders his life even in storms and disasters”.

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