Marie Portolano: This initiative that surprised the production of the best pastry chef

Marie Portolano returns to service at the best pastry chef on the M6. While she was in the middle of filming the new season, the 36-year-old host was captivated by this initiative she took during the last edition that greatly surprised the show’s production.

here we go again ! Viewers will soon find Marie Portolano In the controls of the next season of Best pastry chef on the M6. The 36-year-old host promised to change the new version of the showShe is currently on tour with Cyril Lignac and Mercotte At the Château de Neuville in Gambais, in Yvelines. In addition to her second pregnancy, which will be evident in front of the cameras, she will show herself differently. “I’m much less stressed. I have not done recorded shows before. There, I am calmer. I’m kinda at home here now‘, captured in columns Parisian, while revealing that fans of the baking competition will not be disappointed with the first release. “I knew people would be suspicious first, because the show is well established and I arrived with great clogs and my jokes. But, This time, since the first episode, I let go…sometimes too much !‘, revealed.

Marie Portolano surprised by producing the best pastry chef

And the It was Marie Portolano.uncomfortable Because she “I cried during the countdown“, she decided”be cerfullHowever, there is no doubt that she will not be herself. Your sense of humor will always be there, just like His amazing complicity with the candidates The Best pastry chef. During the last season, the presenter was also surprised by the revelation Dinner with the participants during the broadcast of the program. This initiative has also confused the show’s teams. “I was surprised by everyone’s surprise, including the productionrevealed. These are the people I’ve dealt with well. So, It was only natural to call them friends– Proximity to competitors, which enhances the participation of the young woman in the controls Best pastry chef. This is not about to change.

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