Mail: Apple Messaging is down

The service has been unavailable to a number of users for more than an hour.

Many Apple users are unable to connect to their inbox due to an issue that has yet to be clarified. It looks like Apple’s messaging service has already been a victim of outages. Fortunately, the Cupertino company is already there, and it only makes sense that the situation will return to normal soon.

Unfortunately, we don’t know more about the origin or extent of the failure. Apple simply refers to System status page That Mail is the victim of fears that prevent a certain number of users from connecting to their mailbox. A particularly annoying situation for users affected by this failure simply because they can no longer access, receive, or send their emails. Other mail features for users affected by the outage also cannot be accessed.

Since Apple has listed the issue on its page dedicated to the state of its ecosystem, there is no doubt that its teams are working to correct it. All that remains is to patiently take your pain.

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