Next-gen gaming console or computer, should we really choose?

I started playing in the 90’s on my home computer. I cut my teeth DiabloAnd thief And Midtown Madness And half life Before giving up, years later, that good old keyboard and mouse combo for the Gamecube console and then the Xbox 360 console.

The computer has always been in my heart (and in my room – luck), but I could already see how attractive the “immediateness” of console games was. Momentary has become more debatable across generations. At the highest point since exit PlayStation 5 And Xbox Xbox X| S, last November.

PS5, I gave it to myself as soon as it was released. For me, who counts a number of Sony exclusives among my favourites, it was straightforward. But the Xbox Series X? I just don’t see the target. It was already equipped with a powerful gaming PC, and noticing that the boundaries between the PC and Microsoft’s console were becoming more porous, I decided to bypass my role.

It wasn’t until I watched my last E3 that a little flame ignited inside me. In love with the Xbox Game Pass offering, I’m thinking that the Xbox Series X might finally find its place in my gaming routine.

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